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Places to stay

You get the best offers at: (see also hotel in combination with flights at this link, they have some good offers now)
Trondheim is a small town and most of the hotels are in walking distance to the tangoevent.

The workshops and the milongas will be in the same building as Thon Hotel Gildevangen (but you get better offers at other hotels now):
If you only stay for the weekend 11-13 June you get the best offer at this hotel if you book through the internet at the link above.
If you are staying longer than in the weekend it might be cheaper to book directly to the hotel via E- mail. The hotel give us theese prices in the period 9 – 14 June:
Dobble – room: 1050,- nkr each night
Single room: 850,- nkr each night
Send E- mail to:
Mark it with the code “TANGO” and ask for room facing away from the traffic.

Other hotel links :  Here you find cheaper hotels than Gildevangen, and you can also find hotels with spa or swimmingpool. Trondheim is a small town and most of the hotels are in walking distance to the tangoevent. (youth-hostel, 15 min walk)

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